Offshore Company Formation in Dubai

At Indus Business Services, we want to help you start and run a successful business. This is why we provide the best end to end solutions for offshore company setup in Dubai.

An offshore company can be owned by individuals or corporate bodies and is a business entity which does not carry out any substantial business activity in its country of origin. In its essence, an offshore company allows you to run a business, with all the benefits of a UAE-based company, from the comfort of your home country.

An offshore company gives you the fantastic opportunity to avail all the benefits and tax-free exemptions of a Dubai located business. It if cost-effective and offers easy Dubai offshore company registration. With help from us here at Indus Business Services, you can have your offshore company license in no time!

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Difference Between Offshore, Mainland, and Free Zone Companies in UAE

The UAE offers three jurisdictions for company formation – mainland, offshore, and free zones. If you are new to the world of UAE company setup, it may be confusing to distinguish between all three.

The basic way to differentiate is by the permissible geographical locations.

With a mainland business, you are free to conduct business activities throughout Dubai. Free zones confine your business activities to the particular free zone regions jurisdiction, while offshore company formation allows you to run a UAE-based business from your home country.

At Indus Business Services, we will help you understand the benefits and nuances of each type of business setup. Not only that, but we will help you decide on the best type of business for you, and take full responsibility for the entire company formation process!

Main Features of Offshore Company Registration

  • Flexibility to have a non-UAE, UAE, or corporate resident, as the business director or shareholder
  • Opportunity to maintain UAE or worldwide deposits and bank accounts
  • No obligation to maintain books and records for the company
  • No need for the shareholder/owner to be physically available in the UAE for company incorporation
  • No physical office requirement in UAE
  • No need to operate or conduct business activities within the UAE
  • No compulsion to obtain a UAE residency visa
  • With prior authorization from RAK Investment Authority, flexibility to own real estate property in the UAE

Advantages of Offshore Company Setup in Dubai

Why Choose UAE Offshore Company Formation?

UAE offshore companies are perfect for entrepreneurs who want to benefit from the UAE’s amazing corporate policies, from the comfort of their home country. With offshore business setup in Dubai, you can enjoy tax-free business activities, while living in your own country.

Here at Indus Business Services, we make offshore company formation in Dubai super easy! Within a few days, and at an economical cost, you can have your offshore business up and running without a hitch!

The Best UAE Offshore Company Formation Agency in UAE

At Indus Business Services, we want to help you start and run a successful business. This is why we provide the best end to end solutions for offshore company setup in Dubai.

We take care of all legal processes and procedures, to help you get your offshore license in no time. Not only that, but our unbeatable company setup packages make starting an offshore business extremely cost effective!

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