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Dubai is the number one most coveted destination for businesses around the world. The government had introduced several policies within the last few years that present lucrative business opportunities to new startups and global corporates alike. The Dubai mainland also boasts world-class infrastructure and a strategic geographical location that allows easy access to Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Businesses that are established in the Dubai mainland come under the jurisdiction of the Department of Economic Development (DED). There is a specific process for company formation in Dubai, that we at Indus Business Services can dexterously help you with!

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Business Licenses in Dubai Mainland

Explore the various business licenses that are available to obtain for Dubai Mainland Business Setup!


Available for service-related businesses. Consultants, agencies, and other types of skill-oriented entrepreneurs may opt for the professional license.

manager-supervisor-worker-discussing-about-production-results-new-strategy-factory-industrial-hall (2)

Available for companies involved in the manufacturing of different types of industries and goods. For example, factories.


businesswoman-using-tablet-analysis-graph-company-finance-strategy-statistics-success-concept-planning-future-office-room (1)

Available for general trading businesses involved in the buying and selling of different types of products.

Benefits of Dubai Mainland Business Setup

  • 100% Foreign ownership allowed
  • Ability to conduct business activities in the entire UAE with no restriction
  • No minimum capital requirement
  • 100% corporate tax exemptions
  • Income tax exemptions
  • Strategic geographical location with easy access to international markets
  • No currency exchange regulations
  • Straightforward company formation procedures
  • Lucrative business opportunities
  • Plenty of offices, co-working spaces, flexi desk solutions, and more
  • State of the art modern infrastructure and amenities
  • Favorable corporate laws and policies
  • No corporate and personal duties
  • Strong, stable, and healthily growing economy

Dubai Mainland Company Formation Process

The entire Dubai mainland business setup process is overseen by the Department of Economic Development (DED). The process for company formation in UAE is transparent and straightforward. However, the help of business setup experts like Indus Business Service can eliminate all stress and risk of problems.

Here is an overview of the mainland company formation process:

  • Establish the nature, objectives, and business activities of your firm
  • Find a local Emirati sponsor for your business
  • Local service agent’s NOC
  • Obtain Initial Approval from the Department of Economic Development (DED)
  • Trade name registration
  • Find office space and obtain tenancy agreement
  • Complete application and submit documentation to DED
  • Obtain the relevant trade license
  • Open a corporate bank account
  • Visa processing for you, employees, partners, and family

Why Setting Up Mainland Company in UAE is Great?

Are you searching for a stable economy, easy trading location, and a modern environment to start your business? Then the Dubai mainland is the perfect place to start your corporate endeavors!

Businesspeople from all around the world choose Dubai mainland to be the home for their business. The reason why is simple; the Dubai government has worked tirelessly to create the optimal environment for foreign investment and company formation.

Minimal taxation, strategic business location with access to several sea ports, and world-class infrastructure all allows for smooth business operations. On top of that, it is very easy to get your business up and running with Indus Business Services!

Dubai Mainland Company Formation & Business Setup Services

Here at Indus Business Services, we aim to make it as easy as possible to start and run a business in Dubai Mainland! We comprise of a team of highly-qualified company formation consultants, who work tirelessly to complete the Dubai mainland LLC company setup process for you in no time!

Contact us today to learn all about our end-to-end company formation services, including business setup, visa processing, PRO services, trade license renewal, and more!

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