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Dubai is a fantastic place to live, work, and start a business. It offers world-class amenities, modern infrastructure, and government policies that make running a business very profitable! However, once you move to the UAE, you are responsible for completing and submitting several types of documents and paperwork.

Here at Indus Business Services, we want every single person to enjoy a smooth transition into the UAE. This is why we offer premier company setup services, PRO services, and of course document attestation and clearing services in Dubai. This way, we take care of all the lengthy and tedious paperwork, while you can enjoy settling into the Emirates!

With our certificate and document attestation services in Dubai, we ensure that all necessary documents are verified, signed, stamped, and submitted to the relevant authorities in a timely manner. This way, you can fulfill all your legal obligations without a worry.

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Overview of Services

Here at Indus Business Services, we offer end to end solutions of Document Attestation and Clearing Services in Dubai. Take a look:

Why You Need Document Attestation Services in Dubai

In order to fulfill all legal obligations for the UAE government, there are several documents and certificates which need to be attested. This can be an extremely long and cumbersome process, especially if you do not have the experience or connections.

With the help of expert document attestation and clearing services in Dubai, you can save tons of time, money, and stress. Experienced consultants have the connections to reach the right authorities for document attestation, and offer their know-how to prevent any mistakes in document submission.

Therefore, if you require attestation for marriage certificates, degree certificates, UAE embassy attestation, or more, then turn to our expert team at Indus Business Services. We will employ our experience and industry knowledge to help you get your documents attested and cleared in no time!

A to Z Document Attestation Services in Dubai

Whether you are starting a new business, looking for new jobs, admitting your children to school, or filing for a spousal visa, we can help you! Our premier document attestation services help you get all types of certificates, documents, and letters translated, approved, attested, and stamped.

Our reliable, end to end document attestation and clearing services in Dubai will help you fulfill all government requirements without a hassle! Turn to Indus Business Services for:

  • All types of document and certificate attestation
  • Accurate translation services
  • Transparent attestation and approval process
  • Round the clock support from our expert team of consultants
  • 100% guarantee for safety and care of handling important documents
  • Time saving, stress saving, and cost saving document attestation services!


Ready to get started? Don’t wait any longer – contact us at Indus Business Services today for all your document and certificates attestation and clearing services needs in Dubai!

Why Choose Indus Business Services for Document Attestation?

Here at Indus Business Services, we are on a mission to help you transition to your new life in the UAE with ease. This is why we offer end to end solutions for company setup, visa processing, PRO services, and document attestation and clearance.

There are dozens of documents that will require translation, attestation, and clearance. We remove all the stress out of these formalities! Simply leave it to us to get your documents attested, cleared, and submitted to the relevant authorities!

Our team of expert consultants have years of experience, knowledge, and connections that will help you with all your document and certificate attestation needs! We have established strong networks with public institutions across the world, which means that your documents can be authenticated and cleared in no time at all.

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